Earth Care

Reduce kitchen waste:

  • Be mindful of perishables in your refrigerator to be used rather than tossed.

  • Start a compost pile to reduce the waste sent to the landfill. It’s easier than you’d think, and you’ll be amazed how much compostable scraps you have in a week!

Reduce single-use disposables:

  • Use washable napkins and dishtowels rather than throwaway paper ones.

  • Avoid plastic containers where possible. Buy beverages in cans (aluminum is still recyclable) or try brewing your own iced tea!

Reduce beef consumption:

  • Eat beef one less time per week. Replacing it with a vegetarian meal is terrific, but even another animal protein will have an impact. Here’s how many liters of water is used in the production of one kilogram of animal protein:

                  Beef     15,400 L/kg

                  Lamb     8,800 L/kg

                  Pork      6,000 L/kg

                  Chicken 4,300 L/kg

Unity Tree with Temple Shalom 


Earth Care –

Seeking to be Good Stewards of God’s Creation 

Make 2020 a year focused on earth friendly choices:  Eliminate plastic with a few simple changes: 

The Earth Care Committee has created a recycling Drop Off Center for the following items:

Contact lens blister packs;

Toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers, and toothbrushes;

#6 plastic cups – such as solo brand


recycle church bulletins

Church Gardens  

Eco- Palms

clothing bin

Earth Day Worship



Support Missionary Chenoa Stock   

The Joining Hands Peru Network was started in the 1990s with the help of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. The member organizations work at the grassroots level, accompanying communities and non-governmental organizations as they empower at-risk communities and challenge systems that generate hunger and cause environmental depredation. 

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